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The Need For New

Sigmund Freud wrote: “The church socializes its youth to ask only those questions the church is able to answer.”  Can this be true?  If so, it would explain why the church struggles to be relevant in today’s society.

Now, I’m not preaching chaos, but I do believe the church needs newness.  We need bold, creative, and imaginative thinking that will take us beyond our institutional parameters.  It starts by asking questions that challenge us to look at things in new ways.  Of course, not all new ideas and actions are the right ones, but let’s not squash them before considering them.

I’ve worked with many youth and young adults in my ministry, and they are full of ideas and questions.  Every time I come away from a meeting where the program led the young people into a free flowing discussion, I feel renewed with hope.  I’ve also had the privilege of meeting and working with many pastors.  Some are very excited about the possibilities of taking the church into the future.  Others are tired and discouraged, feeling they’ve done everything, with nothing new to try.

The good news is that as long as there is God and the teachings of Christ, there is always incredible potential for the local church to alter the spiritual landscape of it’s community.

So keep probing – keep pushing – keep pulling – keep reshaping – keep rethinking – keep renewing.


Kimball, S.E.

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