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About Kimball


Like the circuit riders of the last two centuries, The Rev. Dr. Kimball Coburn travels wherever he is called.  He is appointed in the United Methodist Church to a ministry of Evangelism in the Prophetic Spirit.  For over 30 years Kimball and his wife, Pam, have been faithful to the Call.  They have traveled throughout the US where their warm and contagious spirit has touched many lives and congregations.


Kimball is man with an exceptional gift.  He speaks of how we can live out the Gospel in our daily lives.  He inspires with a guitar on his arm singing songs of faith, as well as a Bible in his hand, making a witness for the “Good News” in a world hungry for hope and healing.  He preaches God’s Call to Be The Church like never before.

The Rev. Dr. David McCreary of the Nebraska Conference of the United Methodist Church said this:

“Kimball Coburn has reinvented an evangelistic style for the twenty-first century mainline church. He blends the old and the new in music, worship and theology to touch heart, head and will.”

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