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What Will Bring Us Back (Spring 2023)

I think it is about time. It’s about time we start filling up our churches again. The pandemic has kept our churches only half full, and sometimes less. They’ve shown that many of us have grown accustomed to watching our worship services at home on demand. Click to read more

Christmas Through The Eyes Of A Child (Winter 2022)

Christmas through the eyes of a child reminds us to live by faith, hope, joy, and love. Click to read more

I Just Want To Hug Somebody (Summer 2022)

This pandemic has put a hold on our ministry for two-and-a-half years. I miss being in your churches. I mostly miss the personal touch, I miss preaching to you, singing with you, and hugging you. Click to read more

A Feeling I’ll Never Forget (Spring 2022)

It was 1968. I was sitting in the library of my college when I went into a dream state. I dreamed about the possibility of serving God in a way that would change the world.  I felt it so deeply it brought a warm feeling of God’s presence in me. Click to read more

A Joyful Christmas (Winter 2021)

God sent his son as perfect love in human form. No wonder we’re so joyful at Christmas. Let it burst out of you in ways that touch others, and together we can sing, ‘Joy To The World’. Click to read more

Knowing God (Fall 2021)

The more I think and the more I write, I realize I can’t define God or know God through words. Knowing God can only come by faith, and faith can only come by believing. Click to read more

Imagining (Summer 2021)

For the past 15 months, the Christian community has missed going to church. This lack of connection has reminded us that the church isn’t merely a building, the Church is the people who gather together with imagination and the strength of God’s Call. Click to read more

Shout Hallelujah, It’s Easter Day! (Spring 2021)

When I was a pastor, I wrote a song for our youth choir to sing on Easter. The keyline was, “Shout hallelujah, it’s Easter day.” This is what I am thinking about as I put my thoughts together for this Spring Issue of THE CALL. Click to read more

Divided (Winter 2020)

As a servant evangelist, I have never hesitated to stand in the pulpit and encourage people to stand for and vote for what is just and right by the teachings of Jesus.  However, I draw the line when it comes to telling people who to vote for.  Click to read more

A Letter to the Churches (Fall 2020)

Church growth is a goal – evangelism is a ministry.  Church growth is counting heads – evangelism is changing hearts. Church growth is marketing – evangelism is sharing.  Church growth is bringing people in – evangelism is moving people out to be witnesses. Click to read more

This Is Our Chance (Summer 2020)

I can’t think of a sadder situation than not being able to be with a loved one who is dying in the hospital with Covid-19. I ask that you, along with me, pray for the sick and dying during this pandemic.  Click to read more

Brothers (Spring 2020)

Today is Monday.  I usually like Mondays, especially if I had worshipped and preached on Sunday.  But this Monday is different because it’s the first Sunday I have lived without my brother.  Click to read more

Evangelism in the Prophetic Spirit (Fall 2019)

Evangelism is being a messenger for God, and God’s message is love, and that love moves us to love others through acts of peace and justice.  We cannot compartmentalize evangelism into saving of self.  It has nothing to do with numbers and building mega-churches. Click to read more

The Awakening (Summer 2019)

A man was in an automobile accident and was taken to the hospital in a coma. His pastor rushed to his bedside. Although the doctors told the pastor that his church member was in a deep coma and probably could not hear him, the pastor took his hand and prayed. Click to read more

’40’ (Spring 2019)

After 40 years I know that I know, yet, I also know that I don’t know it all. What I mean by this confusing statement is that I am confident in my faith, yet, I am still excited about the new ways I’m hearing God’s Call. There is so much more we can be and do as God’s Church. Click to read more

A Thrill of Hope (Winter 2018)

Christmas is a wondrous and joyful time of great HOPE! Hope can turn a weary life into a wonderful life.  This story did not happen at Christmas time, but it reminds us of what Christmas is all about and that God wants the Christmas spirit to live in us all year long.  Click to read more

The Need for New (Fall 2018)

Sigmund Freud wrote: “The church socializes its youth to ask only those questions the church is able to answer.” If this is true today, no wonder the church is struggling to be what she can be. Click to read more

The Rock Band and the Church (A Parable) (Summer 2018)

Once upon a time, some young people decided they wanted to become a rock band. They got so excited thinking about fame, fortune, and popularity. They talked for days about what the name of their band should be, what songs they’ll sing, what they’ll wear, and the kind of image they wanted to project. Click to read more

I Am A Beggar (Spring 2018)

Although I have a good education and enough money to get by, I am a beggar. To be Christ-like you must be a beggar. You can’t be demanding and controlling. It is a position of servanthood.  Click to read more

A Coburn Family Christmas Story (Winter 2017)

It was the year of 1978 when Christmas Eve came on a Sunday  ~  actually, a good day to stop the madness of last minute shopping and take time to be still and truly prepare for the birth of Jesus.  Click to read more

Agape, Love Is the Way (Fall 2017)

The greatest word in the Greek language is Agape.  And boy, do we need it now!  I figure it’s the only way out of the mess we are in nationally and internationally.  God gave us the gift of love for the situations we are dealing with today.  Click to read more

The Vision (Summer 2017)

One day when we were together sitting in Art’s living room, I asked him, “Art, do you ever pray for your sight to return?” His answer was very humbling, “No, Kimball, I don’t pray for sight, I pray for VISION.” Click to read more

True To God’s Call (Spring 2017)

As I start my 38th year of doing a ministry of evangelism in the prophetic spirit, it is time again for a ‘gut check.’ Click to read more

Merry Christmas (Winter 2016-2017)

God so loved the world that he gave his only son. Every time I read or hear
these words, I get a lump in my throat. God’s love never fails and endures
forever. Click to read more

Thus Says The Lord (Fall 2016)

Oh, America, what am I going to do with you? You claim to be a Christian nation but when the time comes to elect your president you act as if you don’t know me. Click to read more

Easter – Born Anew Into A Living Hope (Spring 2016)

Please take time as you read this scripture to let it sink in. Read it several times knowing it was written for you today. Let it lift you to a rejoicing that will take you beyond depression and discouragement. Click to read more

I Am Deeply Honored (Winter 2015-2016)

I love my wife in a romantic way. I love my children in a fatherly way. I love you in a humbled servant way. God called me to be a servant evangelist and you have sustained me in this Calling. You have prayed for me. You have supported me financially. You have believed in me and shared that belief with others by inviting me to your churches. Click to read more

An Open Letter to Our Bishops and District (Fall 2015)

Dear Bishops and District Superintendents,

You are talented, intelligent and faithful people with leadership abilities, or you wouldn’t have been elected and appointed to serve as you are. You put a lot of time and effort into what you do. You are loved and respected by us, the clergy and laity of your conferences and districts. I write to you asking your forgiveness on behalf of the churches who call you Bishop or District Superintendent. Forgive us for misusing you.  Click to read more

In the spirit of the Apostle Paul, I write to you, the called people of God. (Summer 2015)

I know you are people of faith and prayer who have a close relationship with God. You don’t need to hear from God through me. But as a servant evangelist who travels among the churches I do come face to face with the ways we are falling short of God’s Call.  Click to read more

Don’t Let the Fire Go Out (Spring 2015)

“Don’t Let the Fire Go Out” is the title of our ministry’s new music album. It is also the opening song of this brief four-song CD. I was inspired to write it because of a world that’s growing cold. This is not an argument against global warming. It is a Call to the Church to be a flame burning bright being people in community, fueled and aflame with the Holy Spirit, transforming the world.  Click to read more

Merry Christmas (Winter 2014-2015)

Christmas comes and we remember it came humbly in a stable. The light of a magnificent star showed the way to the place where the Christ Child lay. Were there gifts to welcome the babe? What gifts, you ask?  Click to read more

Paying for the Privilege (Fall 2014)

Thirty years ago I had a radio program that was broadcast from Los Angeles and covered most of Southern California. People would ask me how much I was paid to create, write, and produce a weekly program. When I told them I received nothing from the station and in fact, I had to pay them to be on the air, they were surprised. After two years I had to stop the program because our ministry could not afford the cost and the listeners preferred giving their support to the conservative ministries on radio.  Click to read more

For God’s Sake ~ Warm It Up! (Summer 2014)

Historically, Methodists were known to be warm … people with warm hearts, warm fellowship, warm worship, warm music, and warm outreach. John Wesley’s life was changed when his heart felt strangely warmed. Having and conveying that feeling was one of the major factors in growing the church. As I travel among the churches, the difference between warm churches and the cooler routine types is noticeable.  Click to read more

My Mandela Moment (Winter 2013-2014)

Word had spread through the church that Sunday in the 60’s that their pastor (me) had been dancing the night before with black young people at a MYF district event. A meeting was quickly called which involved the District Superintendent, the angry church people, the Lay Leader and me. The church people criticized me and demanded an explanation. . . click to read more

Matching Socks (Spring 2013)

I thought today was going to be a day like so many others. After my wife washes and dries the clothes, being the liberated man I am, I help her by matching the socks. Not only am I proud of myself, I actually enjoy it. It’s like putting together a puzzle. . . click to read more

Thank You, Mary (Winter 2012-2013)

We live in a time when women who choose to have children when they are young and stay home to raise them, are seen as misguided or less than they could be.  These pictures are of Mary, and my wife, Pam, as teenagers. Look at those smiles and . . . click to read more

It Was Half of My Life Ago (Fall 2012)

It was half of my life ago, when I was 36-years-old, that I had conversations with the lay leader of my church and the person I knew would be loving and honest with me — my wife.  The conversations were about my playing the guitar and singing in church.  click to read more

Could I Hang With Jesus? (Summer 2012)

It has been said that there comes a time in every person’s life when he or she is faced with the choice to go with the crowd or stand against the crowd. The crowd can represent money, status, acceptance, career success, conformity, popularity or just plain coolness.  click to read more

E=mc2 (Spring 2012)

If we took Methodism’s ways and multiplied them by compassion squared, we would understand Evangelism in a way that would dispel all those radio, television, movie sounds and images that put a bad taste . . . click to read more

Through Generations of Love (Winter 2011-2012)

Through generations of love comes Christmas wishes for peace, hope and love from our family to yours!  click to read more

Two Points to Ponder (Fall 2011)

Oh, how I love the church being the instrument of God. However, I still become confused and frustrated by our ways. I know what our potential is because I’ve studied the Bible and theology.  I understand the power of faith, hope and love when it is shared in community. But to see us being ineffective and languishing breaks my heart. There are two points we must ponder . . .  click to read more

Let’s Get Angry! (Spring 2011)

“Frenemy” is a new word in the dictionary which means: Friend with whom one has frequent conflict.  The word may be new, but the feeling has been with me for some time.  I’m talking about my relationship with the church. Not the capital “C” Church but the little “c” church.  click to read more

Christmas Live In Me  (Winter 2010-2011)

A week or so before Christmas, I was awakened by a rhythmic tapping on my back.  It had a calming effect and I quickly drifted back to sleep knowing Kimball was either dreaming, or a new song was on his mind.  Soon after he had slipped out of the bed to his study, I began to hear him strumming softly on his guitar . . . click to read more

Hungry and Humble (Fall 2010)

I really like to watch Rafael Nadal play tennis.  He plays like he’s hungry and he acts like he’s humble.  His uncle, who is his coach, told him when he was a boy, “always be hungry and humble”.  Today, Rafael is . . . click to read more

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