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Rethink Church

Kimball 1960s“Called to be the Church, yesterday and today”

The United Methodist Church is in a campaign to “Rethink Church.”  I like it. It’s catchy and hopefully will cause people to see church in a new light.  For seekers it’ll help them to see a church that is open to doing things differently.

Rethinking deeply, profoundly and prayerfully is a demanding spiritual exercise.  It means putting our imagination and creativity to work.  Rethinking church means preaching the Good News in ways that excite people and calls them to action.  It means genuinely reaching out to people because we care about their souls.   It means being bold enough to challenge and change the reality of our decadent society.  It means being innovative in worship.  There is no one style of worship that fits all.  True worship is warm, moving and uplifting.  It should be indigenous to the people.

Rethinking church is thinking again how Jesus taught us to live our lives for one another and in community.  It’s a “re” word that is part of the family of renew, revive and reformation.  To do this:

We need to look around today
We need to speak to every age
We need to go beyond the walls
We need to witness and live so all can see

If you’re thinking, “Kimball is on the verge of writing a song,” you’re right.  In fact, I’ve already written and recorded it.  I hope you will download it, enjoy it, and share it.


Kimball, S.E.

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