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Moving Forward


St Luke UMC, Memphis, TN

I don’t preach denomination, although I have one. I grew up in Sunday school, youth group and as an adult in the Methodist and United Methodist Church. My first dates with Pam were at each other’s Methodist Church youth groups. We were married in a Methodist Church. I was trained in a United Methodist Seminary. The first two of our four children were born in a Methodist hospital. What would I do without my church and my denomination?

The United Methodist Church has struggled the past several decades seeking agreement on the LGBTQ issue. The Church has decided to go different directions. I was hoping and praying that we would stay United and open to serve all people, in membership and leadership.

I am an evangelist, a messenger of the Evangel for God. My altar calls will always be to all people because God’s love will not allow it to be any other way.

Let’s remember, we are disciples of Jesus Christ, and a denominational disagreement cannot change that, and must not hinder us from being who we are called to be.

Kimball, Servant Evangelist

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